About CPP Australia

Servicing the Concrete Pumping,  Piling, Shotcrete, Grout sectors and the High Presure water Jetting Industry with Quality European Hose,  Parts and Accessories.

CPP Australia has been built on a vision and commitment to servicing the needs of the Concrete Pumping, Piling, Mining and Water Resource industries in an unparalleled approach to service, quality and delivery.

We are committed to working with our business partners to enable our dedicated team to deliver competitive products that provide value through excellence in design, quality, delivery and service.

Our customers will be provided with unparalleled service and response to their needs and our suppliers will be fostered through an approach to mutually rewarding business relationships.

With experience brought from a number of industries we have skills and experience in business management, business re-structuring, logistics, warehousing, finance, OH&S, Quality Assurance and a number of other disciplines which we believe add more value to our customers than that of your average supplier. We support all customers in helping them do business more effectively and efficiently and act as a resource in their everyday business lives.

We are always actively seeking new products and value added process in order to add value to our range by making life easier for our customers.


October 2014 - Supply procurement of Jacon Parts

November 2014 - CPPA appointed distributor of Quality Assured, Australian made hose restraints - www.wireaid.com.au

March 2015 - Distributor of Lanotec Release Agent - An Environmentally Friendly product for easier clean up of equipment

May 2015 - Secured a partnership with HIS Hose for the supply of Hose Crimping & Pressure Testing Services - www.hishose.com.au

July 2015 - Appointed EATON Authorised Dealer - Eaton "Marauder" Concrete Delivery Hose - www.eaton.com

September 2016 - First shipment of Eaton Lightweight Fabric Hose range - New and the lightest on the Australian Market

October 2016 - Established our dedicated hose website - www.concretepumphose.com.au 

November 2016 - Secured professional services of Freight Broker, Stratagem Freight Management - http://www.stratagemfm.com.au/

February 2017 - Establish relationship with key supplier of Mortar Equipment in Australia - www.mortarsolutions.com.au/

June 2017 - CPP Australia colaborate with CPB Contractors with the supply of hose assembly for testing

November 2017 - Delivered our first custom Jacon S97 Pump On Tracks for one of our significant Piling customers

December 2017 - Appointed parts distributor for genuine Jacon parts

April 2018 - Export Australian Safety products to a significant USA distributor

May 2018 - Official supplier to the Metro Rail Project - a Victorian Infrastructure Project Managed by John Holland

June 2018 - Asked to register as a Vendor for the Westgate Bridge Infrastructure Project

September 2019 - Official supplier to the Westage Tunnel Project

April 2019 - Sourced our first hoses from THOR, Quality Italian conceret delivery hoses, in order to broaden our product offering

March 2020 - All staff completed the Australian Department of Health - COVID-19 Infection Control etraining course

April 2020 - Received our first consignment of IVG Colbachini hoses from Italy

October 2020 - joined AUSJET, the High Pressure Water Jetting Association of Australia


We have two products from the USA which are unique in the world of concrete pumping, which are;

Lay Flat Hose - lay flat hose designed for the concrete pumping industry NOW AVAILABLE in 3" & 4" Single End lengths - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHDDBepDAK8

Hose Sled - a simple but clever device designed to assist pumpers in moving their hoses over uneven surfaces. As demonstrated with the Line Dragon - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVP7vl3Lyfg


As part of our offering we have built a number of key business partnerships in supportring our current and future customers. Our key business partners are;

Concrete Delivery Hose - Eaton Hydraulics Group, Oceania Division of Eaton Corporation PLC - http://www.eaton.com.au/

Hose Restraints - Quality Australian made hose restraints and cable stockings - http://www.wireaid.com.au/

Liquid Hammer - the only safe remover of concrete, biodegradable and safe to use on any surface - http://www.liquidhammer.com.au/

OLI Vibrators, Italy -  Pneumatic Vibrators, Aerators & Flow Aid Equipment, - http://www.olivibrators.com.au/

Hypro Roller Pumps - http://www.pumpsandsprays.com.au/products/hypro/pumps/roller.aspx

Udor Pumps & Parts -  http://www.aussiepumps.com.au/fire-fighting-pumps_udor.html

Lanotec - Release Agent - http://www.lanotec.com.au/products/release-agent/

Valme, Italy - producers of world class concrete delivery systems, elbows & reducers - http://www.valme.it/

Concrete Pumping Hose Australia - http://www.concretepumphose.com.au/ 


We have a number of key suppliers throughout the world of pumping for a vast range of parts and accessories.